Mr.Zhang is the founder of 2400 SAT Learning Center, a renowned private center that prepares students to achieve their academic goals.

For over 20 years, he has taught and is teaching a multitude of different math disciplines. This includes SAT math, American Mathematic Competition (AMC) tests, geometry, AP Calculus, and more.

Many of his students have gone on to attend prestigious colleges including Columbia, Harvard, and more.  His goal is simple: help his students do their academic best.

In his own words, “Our goal is to assist our students so that they receive the highest quality education in order to achieve their goals.” Students at 2400 SAT improve their average SAT score by over 300 points.

Our Mission

Nowadays, where standardized testing scores have become synonymous with intellectual capacity, the ACT/SATs are becoming more important than ever.

As a result, in the last decade many learning centers have popped up left and right, but none boast as effective results as us at the 2400 SAT Learning Center.

Our centers offer a variety of classes beginning with 3rd grade students who are looking to excel in math and reading beyond the elementary school level.

Additionally, we offer classes to prepare students for the state tests as well as the SHSAT. Beyond the junior high school level, our center offers SAT/ACT test prep along with AP courses for Chemistry, Physics, and more.

Our mission is to offer the most effective and personalized classes possible so that every student sees significant improvement on their standardized testing scores whether it be the SAT, SHSAT, ACT, AP or just state tests.